Strategic Marketing and Training content

inspire curiosity

Tap into people's innate desire to learn and grow.  Create intriguing Marketing content that inspires people to read, watch, and share. Develop thoughtful Training content that motivates the learner to absorb, retain, and crave more.  

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Creative Strategy

Successful content can't exist in isolation. It must emerge from a thoughtful strategy, based on business goals and research.  When you work with me, I'll ask a lot of questions to learn about your company and to help figure the content strategy that works for your specific situation. I want to generate a huge ROI for your business, whether we create Marketing or Training content!


authentic connections

On the other side of every screen is a person, and forming authentic connections with that person is the best path towards successful Marketing or Training. Your company branding should show off your personality and the real stories of your customers. Successful training emerges from conversations with your knowledgeable team, and a respect for the self-efficacy of the modern adult learner.


Who is Sarah?

content strategist and creator

Hi, I'm Sarah Eshelman! My clients and friends describe me as: Energetic, Organized, Perceptive, Independent, Easy-going.  I love helping businesses succeed via intentional strategy and authentic content. 

Creative: I'm an experienced writer and a video producer. I started my career as a video editor, which greatly impacted how I craft everything in my life.  I love refining creative outputs until they "flow." I enjoy finding the right words to capture a company's essence, or the perfect shot to show a product's beauty. I've learned the balance between the tiny details and the big picture. You can nudge cuts around in a video edit all day, but the final video is what really matters, and how the flow of the content affects the viewer.

"She blends creativity and business objectives into her work in a seamless manner." - Simon Erich, Client (Sitegoals)

"She is creative, energetic, focused, responsible, and ambitious and is a valued asset to any team." - Kevin Buechler, Former Boss (LifeSize Training)

Curious: I love learning, about pretty much everything. If you bring up your area of expertise, I'll immediately hound you with questions until I understand. I can bring a beginner's eyes to your market and your business, especially important with training content, and I get up to speed extremely quickly.

"Nothing is too complex that she can't break down, digest, and explain." - Kate Lockhart, Client (BlackLocus / The Home Depot)

"Sarah's enthusiastic way of facing challenges makes our projects engaging and fun." - Marta Vizcarro, Teammate (LifeSize Training)

Strategic: Not only do I understand the creative and technical sides, I am a huge proponent of Strategy First. Even high-quality content in isolation has minimal impact.  The most effective content emerges out of intentional strategy that drives towards your business goals. And not just Marketing content! Great Training content leads to improved sales, faster support ticket resolution, and happier customers! I will work with you to create content that propels your business forward with intention and direction.

"Her view of the project and familiarity with technology pushed us to be five times better than we were." - Julie Zeller, Teammate at Client (Genesys)

"If you are growing a company, you need a Sarah." - Kellie O'Malley, Former Boss (BlackLocus / The Home Depot)


Where is your business going?

create your way there.