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training video Experience

The Home Depot / BlackLocus - Technical Writer & Video Producer (2016 - 2017) -- In addition to my role as technical writer for BlackLocus' tool, I created a series of on-boarding videos for BlackLocus' tool, as well as a training video series on another The Home Depot internal tool.  I wrote the scripts, captured the footage, created on-screen animations and text, and edited together the final products. These videos aren't on my website since they are internal, but contact me if you would like to view them via private link as an example of my training video series work.  Tools Used: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, TechSmith Camtasia, TechSmith SnagIt, Atlassian Confluence (hosting).

Genesys - Training Video Program Consultant (2013-2014) -- I led the effort to establish a training video program at Genesys.  I set up a studio in their San Francisco office, established processes with a dispersed team, and then produced/filmed/edited their first four courses.

LifeSize / Logitech - Training Video Program Manager (2011-2013) -- I developed and ran the Training Video program at LifeSize (a division of Logitech) for 2.5 years, which included everything from curriculum development to script writing, from filming to editing.  I created video-based training programs for 3 main audiences: End Users, Internal Support/Sales, and Partners' Networks Administrators.  I maintained close contact with my co-workers across the company (Marketing, Product Management, Sales, Support, Engineering) to ensure that our training was up-to-date and responsive to the learning needs of our varied audiences.  

  • I helped develop the curriculum for all courses. I then researched and wrote scripts, scheduled and filmed footage, edited the video, and then coordinated the review process. Then finally, I uploaded and maintained the videos on our LMS (Cornerstone for Salesforce).

  • Established an in-house process to quickly dub videos in a myriad of languages using Adobe Premiere.

  • Organized a quarterly, cross-departmental review of our existing training videos. Figured out how to set up easy process inside of LMS.

  • Initiated and coordinated moving Training Department to Google Drive/Calendar for shared collaboration. Became integral to team functioning.

Freelance Producer & Editor (2008 - Present)

  • Quotingly - Product Training Videos for digital agency Sitegoals' quoting software

  • Bigcommerce - "How to" Video

  • ClimbTech - Product Demo

  • Region XIII - Educational videos for Texas teachers

I also have Marketing Video Experience.


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Product Training

LifeSize Clearsea (MObile & desktop)

LifeSize Product Training, 2013.

While working as Training Video Program Manager, I created a series of training videos for the product LifeSize UVC ClearSea, which has both Desktop & Mobile versions.

  • Wrote scripts based on reading technical documentation, chatting with Product Managers, and experimenting with the product.

  • Scheduled, directed, and filmed the on-screen actress with Newtek Tricaster on green screen.

  • Captured Desktop UI shots using Camtasia. Figured out how to screencast Mobile app.

  • Edited using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.




LifeSize Icon series

Product Training, 2012

While working as Training Video Program Manager, I created a series of training videos for the video conferencing hardware product, LifeSize Icon. I also created the LifeSize Icon Product Launch video for the Marketing department..

  • Wrote scripts based on reading technical documentation, chatting with Product Managers, and experimenting with the product.

  • Figured out how to record the Icon UI -- On screen UI and footage of people in their offices were filmed separately. I had to figure out how to run the LifeSize Icon hardware through the Tricaster in order to record. Also, since the UI always shows over the Icon user, I had to set the Icon up to film green screen so I could put in people footage later. A complex but fun project!

  • Edited using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.



All the Quotingly training videos are available on YouTube. Click image to view Quotingly's YouTube Channel.

All the Quotingly training videos are available on YouTube. Click image to view Quotingly's YouTube Channel.

I wrote a lot of content for digital agency Sitegoals' quoting software, Quotingly -- website copy, blogs, and video scripts. Additionally, I created this series of training videos that walks step-by-step through setting up a brand new Quotingly user.

  • Wrote scripts by using the Quotingly product and based on the provided branding/messaging.

  • Recorded all the UI using Camtasia.

  • Recorded Voiceover (intended to be replaced, but Sitegoals was satisfied with my recording for this series.)

  • Edited using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

Fun & unique training videos

Demo Room Makeover, Tulsa, 2011

Demo Room Makeover

We wanted to teach LifeSize Partners how to decorate their demo rooms so they looked great over LifeSize HD video conferencing.  So I created this fun spin on HGTV-style shows. We actually remade the room for the Partner, incorporating teaching points throughout the video.

  • Wrote the script and storyboarded the shooting plan.

  • Coordinated the production with Partner, hired local videographer in Tulsa, and served as director and videographer.

  • Edited on Adobe Premiere.

  • Produced 2 more Demo Room Makeovers for LifeSize, in Buffalo NY and Singapore.


LIFESIZE sales training - customer simulation

Created for annual Sales team training at LifeSize HQ, as part of Customer Simulation section of training.

  • Sales Teams had to prepare a pitch for selling to a fake prospective customer. The description given to me was of a Community College, with a little bit of information about their imaginary setup.

  • I came up with the Gotham City theme, wrote a script, recruited employees as actors, and did all the video production.

  • Turnaround time of 2 days, from concept to showing to the Sales team.


Sales Training: Customer Simulation (Gotham Community College District), 2013


LifeSize Technical Training with Professor Solutions, 2012

Lifesize technical training (super hero edition)

A fun series for LifeSize Technical Training, where each product had an entertaining Super Hero mascot (played by LifeSize employees).  This video features "Professor Solutions," a mad scientist teaching us about LifeSize Bridge features.  I wrote, directed, filmed, and edited these fun videos, with a tone similar to Mystery Science Theatre 3000 or Good Eats.


"How To" Videos

Biccommerce Customer Training, 2015

Bigcommerce - "How to make a video"

  • Edited on Adobe Premiere.

  • Communicated with Bigcommerce internal team to ensure video met their expectations.


Climbtech - product Demo

I did a series of product demo videos for the ClimbTech website. Later, I rebranded these videos for all their distributors. All videos available for viewing here:

ClimbTech Product Demos, 2010


region XIII - training for teachers

I worked on-site at Region XIII for several months, cutting together training videos for teachers. Most videos included: (a) interviews with teachers and education experts (b) Footage shot at schools by the Region XIII team.  I helped film on 2 shoots, but I mostly edited.

Example (Right) : I edited the "Let's Talk Behavior" series.

  • Foundation was interviews with Educational expert, which was way overexposed so I had to work some color correction magic.

  • Interwove footage shot at schools

  • Found stock photos to add more visuals

External Link: PPCD Gallery - I edited all the videos in the "Let's Talk Behavior" tab.

External Link: PPCD Gallery - I edited all the videos in the "Let's Talk Behavior" tab.