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An effective training program increaseS sales, cuts costs, and retains customers.


How do you on-board new team members quickly so they can start contributing?

Can your sales team confidently answer every question your prospects throw at them?

Is your support team overwhelmed with the same questions over and over again?

Are you losing customers because they don't understand your product?

Education is an often overlooked yet extremely vital piece of any successful business. An effective training program will increase sales, cut costs, and retain customers.

Educate Your Team - Marketing, Sales, and Support

Knowledgeable employees are better equipped to market, support, and sell your product.

Employee education leads to:

  • Improved sales as your sales people become product experts -- knowing what your product does, how it does it, and why a customer should pay for it. 

  • Empowered employees who fully understand your product and messaging.

  • Faster resolution rate for customer issues via an enabled support team.

  • Enhanced customer trust as your team quickly and accurately answers all questions and concerns.


Educate Your Customers

Informed customers are happy customers, not drowning in product confusion or apathy. 

Customer education leads to:

  • Engaged customers that renew subscriptions and buy into additional products / services.
  • Fewer support tickets as customers find their own answers in the knowledge base.
  • A lean support team that can focus on complex, interesting issues. (Keeping the team engaged as well!)
  • Devoted users that recommend your business to others, generating new leads and revenue for you!


How to teach in a fun, memorable, & Inspirational Way

Traditional training methods either trap bored employees in a classroom all day or provide mountains of reading materials. These 'cramming' methods are scientifically proven as NOT how the human brain learns! How do you build knowledge while inspiring curiosity and motivation to learn more?

- On-demand video-based training. Self-directed and self-motivated training are much more effective for modern adults. On-demand e-learning means that your employees and customers can learn whenever and wherever.   And video plays a big role! According to Forrester, Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles. And as millennials (myself included) begin to dominate the work force, the demand will increase for high-quality video content and ongoing learning opportunities (If you haven't heard, us millennials are obsessed with learning.)

- Teach in small chunks. Have you ever left a conference overwhelmed with knowledge, only to forget everything a week later? That's because our human brains are really, really bad at retaining knowledge crammed into our brains all at once.  We do much better with small focused chunks of knowledge spread out over time, and interspersed with recalling that knowledge.

- Testing. Ugh, there's a test? School has ingrained this hatred of being quizzed on our knowledge. However, 'Recall' is a vital aspect of any learning program.  How can you possibly expect to remember product details when face-to-face with the customer if you've never recalled it since you first read the information?

- Demonstrate application and relevancy. Adult learners need to see how the information applies to their personal goals and day-to-day lives.  The more specific and relevant you can make the new knowledge, the more likely the student will absorb and retain. 

- Make it fun! Wouldn't it be great if your team was actually excited about your training materials? You want to not only educate, but to stimulate a desire to keep learning and growing as your business inevitably evolves.


Let's Talk about your business.

Time for you to inspire my curiosity about your business.  There's no 'one size fits all' solution, so our conversation will start with a TON of questions from me about your business.  What are your business goals? Where are you losing leads/revenue? Where are you spending a ton of time/energy/money? 

So many possibilities.

Here are some examples of what we can do together:


Create Knowledge Base and User Guides

If you don't have any documentation, that'll be our first step!  I can help you figure out where the Knowledge Base lives, how to divide up instructional points, and all the steps to a great learning experience for your users.

If you already have a knowledge base, I can give you a fresh perspective on what's confusing or missing.  When I started writing user documentation for BlackLocus, the Innovation Lab for The Home Depot, they had one product manager who'd quickly thrown together their Confluence wiki. I read and re-wrote for comprehension, and established a process for updating documentation with each sprint.  Now I routinely convert Github tickets and chats with Product Management into comprehensible user documentation and on-boarding videos for the internal Home Depot teams.

Check out my Technical Writing work for The Home Depot!


Update Current Training Materials

Do you have a few scattered training videos and documentation, but need something more cohesive? I can build upon what you've already created.  When I worked at LifeSize, the sales and support teams would often create their quick-and-dirty videos to educate customers. I would take that great content and integrate it into our wider curriculum, sometimes just adding bullet points to recap at the end!

Or are you still following an expensive classroom-based training model?  You'll get a much better ROI with on-demand training! Your trainees can watch (and re-watch) whenever and wherever they are!  And no worries about the expense already invested in the classroom model: We can work together to transform that material into effective online content! In 2013, I helped Genesys start digitizing their classroom training as on-demand video training. Leverage the knowledge and charisma of your current instructors but in a video series that you can deploy much cheaper than classroom resources.


Develop Brand New Training Program

Do you not have any training? Let's build something amazing together!

First, I'll learn from you!  We'll talk about your business goals and your objectives for training.  I'll chat with your product managers, your UX team, your engineers -- whoever knows your business and product. I'll use all that knowledge to craft the curriculum, write scripts, and create engaging content for your custom training program.  I'll check in with you and your team throughout development to ensure we are creating what you need! 

I developed and managed the Training Video program at LifeSize (a division of Logitech) for 2.5 years, after managing their Marketing video program for 2 years. I created Product Training for the LifeSize video conferencing systems, which means that I: developed curriculum, wrote scripts, scheduled and filmed footage, edited the videos, and then uploaded and maintained the videos on our LMS (Cornerstone for Salesforce). I also created Sales and Technical Training


Let's Get Creative!

Who says Training has to be boring!? At LifeSize, I produced an HGTV-style show where we "made-over" our Partners' offices to showcase tips for making rooms look great over HD video conferencing (LifeSize's product). I created Batman-themed Customer Simulations for Sales Training, and a "How LifeSize Is Made" documentary in the factory. There's so much fun and engaging stuff we can do!