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Freelance Writer (2008 - Present)

  • Quotingly (Sitegoals Digital Agency) - Website Copy, Email Campaign, Blogs, Video Scripts
  • Polycom (Obzervant Marketing Agency) - Research Briefs
  • GO SMILE (Sitegoals Digital Agency) - Website Copy
  • David Weekley Homes (Sitegoals Digital Agency)  - Video Scripts

I also have experience with Curriculum Development & Writing for Training Videos. I'm also a Technical Writer for The Home Depot.

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Website copy

Sitegoals wanted a specific tone for the marketing content for their new quoting/proposal software, Quotingly -- Confident. Snarky. Fun.

I wrote the content for their pages at (below), and then I also wrote Quotingly Marketing Video Scripts in the same tone.

I also wrote a series of short blog posts for, and I created a series of Quotingly Training Videos.

Quotingly gets you quickly from pitch to bid to deal, before your competitors can even type the word ‘Proposal.’ You’ve never seen a quoting system like this.

Automate Your Current Proposal Process.
Quotingly is the proposal software of your dreams. You’ve yearned for it as you scroll through old estimates looking for that one paragraph, as you triple-check updated calculations, and as you kick yourself for leaving in the wrong client name. The era of Copy & Paste is over.

Customize a Proposal Template, One Time.
Quotingly is built for speed. Start with a pre-loaded proposal template or customize your own. Then quickly hash out the details: Deliverables, Tasks, Roles, Rates, whatever your proposal needs to be awesome. But in a way that’s repeatable, understandable, and fast. Insanely fast. Turn around a quote in less than half the time you’re taking now.

Quotes in ‘The Cloud’ (a.k.a. the Internet)
Quotingly makes cloud-based quoting a reality. Start a proposal at the office and finish it at home, or at the airport, or at the beach. Clients won’t wait for you to be at your desk. And forget those back-and-forth emails with distributed teams to lock down numbers. Everyone can edit the same proposal from anywhere. Don’t let distance disrupt business.
— "How It Works" page on Quotingly Website

GO SMILE has an e-commerce website where their potential customers browse their products. I worked with digital agency Sitegoals to write all the website content for GO SMILE.  This included Product Pages, FAQs, Teeth Whitening Tips, and an About page.  I incorporated a list of SEO Keywords as much as possible, while still maintaining the desired tone.

No matter how busy you are, GO SMILE’s easy yet elegant solutions are designed to fit into any lifestyle. We think about every aspect of our teeth whitening kits - size, simplicity, speed - in order to maximize the ease of use for you. We believe an enjoyable experience is as important as the technology.
If you’ve been unhappy with other teeth-whitening products, just wait until you try ours! GO SMILE combines cutting-edge formula chemistry with efficient application methods to create a pleasurable teeth whitening experience. For over a decade, we’ve been whitening smiles and listening to our customers’ feedback. We’ve become the experts at formulating highly effective whiteners that are fast, easy, and a pleasure to use.

The GO SMILE Difference:
  • Enjoyable: Like a spa treatment for your mouth—with our aromatherapy-inspired toothpastes, pain-free teeth whitening products, and that “just brushed” feeling after using any GO SMILE product.

  • Convenient: Variety of delivery methods and programs to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, whether on-the-go or at home

  • Faster & Brighter: Clinically proven to whiten smiles 4x faster and 10x brighter than other teeth whitening products, with virtually no sensitivity

  • Revolutionary: Our proprietary technologies—such as our innovative Ampoule Technology™ delivery system and the Hyperox™ Technology in GO SMILE Teeth Whitening Gel—maximize the speed and efficacy of hydrogen peroxide in all of our whiteners, to give you your whitest smile quickly and effectively.
The GO SMILE Difference


I wrote several short blog entries for the blog.  Quotingly is a cloud-based software that helps digital agencies quickly write more accurate project quotes and proposals. Blog topics revolved around the themes of saving time, pricing right, and anticipating your customers' needs.  I integrated links to relevant research and found the accompanying images.


Screencap of blog entry on Full text to right:

How Are You Actually Spending Your Time?

How do you really spend your time each week?
You could guess, or you could actually sit down and calculate it, as a Product Manager at Asana suggests. She tells her team to “look at your recurring meetings and spend a week tracking your time,” then it’s time to “Delete, Defer, Delegate, or Diminish.”

And don’t just write down “working.” What are you specifically doing? The average person spends 28% of their workweek dealing with emails. If you just LOVE answering emails, then great! But we’re guessing not. And how about the time you spend getting new business? Making phone calls, networking, writing proposals for prospects — this all adds up. Think about where you can save time.

Maybe you’ll become more productive at work. Maybe you’ll get to spend more time with your family. Maybe you’ll be able to stare at a wall for a bit and be bored. (Remember, boredom is good for creativity.)

No matter what the result — Nobody ever dies wishing they’d spent more time at the office.
Quotingly Blog, July 2015

Screencap of blog entry on Full text to right:

What’s the Right Price for your Proposal?

How do you know the right price to close the deal and make a profit? Rates, item costs, overhead — It’s up to you to fill in the right numbers.

According to “Mastering the Art of Pricing” at, the “right price” is actually a range. The low end is the minimum you are willing to sell at, and the high end is the maximum that customers are willing to pay.

How do you know what customers are willing to pay? Hint: Don’t ask them. Steve Jobs famously said, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” In the 1980s, surveyed Americans balked at the idea of paying for cable television. Why pay for what they were currently getting for free? Now there are almost 50 million cable subscribers, paying an average of $54.92 per month. Because providers began producing valuable content that customers were willing to pay for, though they didn’t know that until someone “showed” it to them.

Figure out what your customers actually want and price around that. Provide enough value, and they’ll pay for it.

Read more tips on Pricing in ‘“Mastering the Art of Pricing” and find out how Quotingly drastically speeds up your proposal writing process here.
Quotingly Blog, Jul 2015


As part of the redesign of DWH's website, digital agency Sitegoals wanted to add some video content.  These are voice over scripts to pair with footage of the DWH website, app, and employees as they assist clients.

Welcome to the David Weekley Homes family! And congratulations! You’re one step closer to building your dream home! Your Personal Home Site is your guide to customizing your new home. Use it on your tablet, or phone to check up on progress from anywhere… at any time, day or night. Let’s get started!
Select your home upgrade options in the Wish List. A great home design is all in the details, and these are YOUR details! Customize everything from cabinetry to appliances to flooring.
The Inspiration Board lets you unleash your creativity and create your own mood boards with photos of your own furniture. Once you’re done, share your favorites with your design consultant, friends and family. It’s often easier to just say, ‘Something like this.’
Designing a home is an amazing, life-changing experience.
We’ll make sure the entire process feels easy, engaging, and fun!
Now, what are you waiting for? Go build your dream home!
Excerpt from Introduction for new DWH Buyers Script
Visualize your dream home: Do you want a big kitchen? A large shower? A game room on the 2nd floor?
Add your favorite modules to your floor plan, and watch your dream home begin to take shape.

There’s tons of great room options and combinations — all optimized by the David Weekley Homes’ team of experts. We know how to make a home feel larger, brighter, and easier to flow from room to room, between private and shared spaces. We optimized, now you customize! Play around with different floor plans, even flip your design, until you find your favorite layout!
Excerpt from "DIY App" Video Script

The homepage links to a "90 second Overview video" --I wrote the voice over script for that video, and edited the first couple of drafts before handing it over to Sitegoals' animator. The script follows the desired tone for the marketing content for Quotingly -- Confident. Snarky. Fun.

Creating an accurate quote is a critical part of closing a deal. So it makes sense that you’d devote a lot of time to it, right?
Wrong. Your time is too valuable to waste on copy and paste.
So what’s the remedy?

Quotingly. The cure for the common quote.

Save yourself from writing the same thing over and over and over. Here’s the client, create a new project. Now it’s just a matter of checking these boxes, reviewing these tasks, OK this person needs a few more hours here, add in a note, check check done.

You’ve just finished the easiest quote you ever wrote. And it’s easy for your clients too: easy to read, understand, and find the details they care about most.

Now send off that quote, and get back to the work you love. You’ll have more time and make more money, and wonder why you were ever doing things the old way for so long.

Quotingly. The cure for the common quote.
[Closing bumper - click (clicking of mouse), clack (add in proposal), boom (proposal hitting table)]
— Script for Quotingly Overview Video (VIEW VIDEO)
Quotingly Overview Video (Click to play video on Vimeo)

Quotingly Overview Video (Click to play video on Vimeo)

Research briefs / white papers

Polycom was the client of marketing agency Obzervant (I also created their website background video and animated infographic videos).

I researched and wrote briefs targeting the financial sector, with a focus on video conferencing solutions (Polycom's product).

Still Human: Successful Digitization Strategies in Financial Services Require a Personal Touch

Executive Summary
Digitization can provide Financial services institutions (FSIs) with operational efficiencies but losing sight of human focus can have a high cost in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Customers expect the same personalized digital experience provided by non-financial digerati. Over 25% of consumers would switch banking services if provided by Google, Apple, Amazon, & Costco.

  • Customers don’t want a requirement to speak to someone, but they want the option — and they want the interaction to imitate their online user experience.

  • Examples of new ways to integrate digital and human elements, such as Amazon’s creative customer service with Kindle Fire. Clicking the ‘MayDay’ button immediately connects the distressed Kindle user to an Amazon Tech advisor, who can provide advice via video and even remotely draw on the user’s screen.

  • Finally, it’s vital to embed collaboration into business processes. Virtual meeting rooms enable real-time collaboration and faster decision-making between geographically dispersed teams.

“ Financial services companies know they must provide digital alternatives to the traditional channels of customer interaction. But companies must also avoid becoming purely transactional to keep their customers engaged, satisfied, and loyal. Personal interactions becomes even more meaningful and impactful as they becomes scarcer. Customer engagement is a balancing act between digital and human — It’s time to humanize the digital and digitize the human.
— Summary of Polycom Research Brief / White Paper targeting the Financial Sector

Press Releases

Simon Erich, creator of the card game Argle Bargle, needed a press release to promote the game's Kickstarter campaign.  He wanted me to weave together the practical and promotional side with the personal story angle. When I write a press release, I imagine bloggers who copy/paste a paragraph or a quote. I aim to make each paragraph as standalone as possible, while still creating a cohesive flow.

Hilarious Party Game Argle Bargle Makes Insulting Your Friends Even More Fun

Argle Bargle is a riotously funny card game where players take turns building ridiculous insults out of random words and phrases to humiliate and defeat their friends. Like any great party game, Argle Bargle is quick and simple to learn, but requires creativity and strategy to win the game by knocking out the other players. Special cards add an unexpected twist, and keeps players on their toes.

Game designers Simon Erich and Zeke Brill are both successful business owners with 20+ years of experience in game design, user experience, and branding. After almost 2 years of playtesting, Argle Bargle launches January 18th on Kickstarter. “We’ve played with people from ages 12 to 75, and everyone always asks when they can buy a copy,” said Argle Bargle co-creator, Zeke Brill.

Argle Bargle follows in the footsteps of comically perverse games like Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, and Joking Hazard, which all raised millions of dollars through crowdfunding and went on to incredible retail success. Players that enjoyed those games will love the hilarious replayability of Argle Bargle. “It’s funny that a game about insults actually brings people together,” said Argle Bargle co-designer, Simon Erich.

Argle Bargle is for 2-8 players (ages 14 and up), and each game lasts 15 to 30 minutes. The game set includes 200 full-color cards, life tokens, and a set of rules. The Kickstarter will run for 30 days with a funding goal of $10,625 to get the first print run of Argle Bargle published. Contribute as little as $1 to access a print & play printable version of the core game right away. Or pledge $25 to receive the full game on Kickstarter and a limited edition Kickstarter booster pack.

Argle Bargle traces its roots back to game designer Simon Erich’s high school days. Simon created a hand-drawn card game where players “insult [each other] by emulating the badly-dubbed kung-fu movies of my childhood,” Simon explained.

Ten years later, Simon and his best friend Zeke Brill collaborated on a digital version of his childhood kung-fu game and took it to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Their favorite aspect of their game was the ‘slur engine,’ which created randomly generated hilarious insults by piecing together audio clips of kung-fu inspired words and phrases.

Their fun idea of insulting your friends with absurd unrelated phrases resurfaced fifteen years later, this time as the hilarious card game Argle Bargle. “We’ve played with people from ages 12 to 75 and everyone always asks when they can buy a copy, we take that as a good sign.” added Zeke.

Argle Bargle™: The game where you insult your friends™

Twitter: @arglebarglegame
Kickstarter Preview:
— Press Release for the Kickstarter campaign for the card game Argle Bargle