Marketing video Experience

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Freelance Producer & Editor (2008 - Present)

  • Adrienne Kimberley, Yoga Teacher - Retreat Promo
  • Keith Duble, Realtor - Customer Testimonials
  • AMP Vapor Shop - Commercial
  • GDI - Promo for Speakeasy Bar (SXSW)
  • Polycom / The VoIP Report - Animated Infographic Videos

LifeSize / Logitech - Social Media and Video Program Manager (2009-2011) 

I developed and ran the Marketing Video program at LifeSize (a division of Logitech) for 2 years. (Then I ran the Training Video program 2011-2013.)

  • Edited customer testimonials, executive announcements, and all new product launch videos.
  • Filmed and edited a 7 minute documentary about LifeSize when Logitech acquired us in 2009.  Weaved together interviews with Executives, Engineers, and other Employees to create a compelling story of the company's history and mission.
  • Created several Internal videos -- and the annual Holiday party blooper video (always a big hit!)
  • Although my main role switched to the Training Department in 2011, I still helped out with Product Launch videos for the Marketing Department.



commercials & promos

Amp Vapor Shop Commercial, 2015


AMP Vapor shop commercial

Stylized commercial for a Vape Shop in Austin TX. 

  • Produced, Directed, and conducted interview with Mel.
  • Edited in Adobe Premiere.
  • Produced with my production company, Make It Productions.



  • Created this promo for the bar owner (GDI) to promote their party planning and venue capabilities. 
  • Video appears on the Speakeasy website's Private Events page.
  • Filmed at SXSW events in Austin TX, including GDI's bars Speakeasy and Ten Oak.
  • Created with my production company, Make It Productions.

GDI Events Promo, SXSW Parties, 2015


Hyatt Lost Pines, Wedding Venue Promo, 2014

Hyatt Lost Pines, Wedding venue promo

Hyatt Lost Pines asked me to cut down Erica & Eddie's full length wedding video into a shorter marketing video for their sales team, with a focus on the Hyatt as a venue (rather than the focus on the couple in the original video).

  • Hired videographers and coordinated production.

  • Edited on Adobe Premiere.

  • Hyatt Sales team sends out to interested brides/grooms.  Viewed over 8500 times.


Polycom - "voIp 101" Animated infographic

Worked with marketing agency Obzervant to create video versions of Infographics created for Polycom's blog "The VoIP Report."

  • Wrote scripts for voice over based on original Infographics.
  • Edited the Infographics in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to make video-ready.
  • Edited the video in Adobe After Effects.
  • After first batch of 10 videos, asked to create 10 more!

Animated Infographic for The VoIP Report, 2016

Customer Testimonials

Keith Duble, Realtor - Customer testimonial

Interviewed this couple about their positive experience working with Keith as their realtor.

  • 3 Camera Setup. I conducted the Interview and manned 1 camera, with 2 videographers.
  • Edited on Adobe Premiere.
  • Produced with my production company, Make It Productions.

Customer Testimonial for Realtor, 2015

Realtor Customer Testimonial, 2016


Keith loved the first video, so he asked us to interview another couple that he helped. They were more shy than the first couple, but I got them to come out of their shells!

  • 2 Camera Setup. I conducted the Interview and manned 1 camera, with 1 videographers as a roaming shot.
  • Edited on Adobe Premiere.
  • Produced with my production company, Make It Productions.

product launches

LifeSize Product Launch, Interviews with Product Managers & Engineers, 2013

LIFESIZE/LOGITECH - Product philosophy interviews

Style: Interviews with Product Management & Engineers.  Received raw interviews and wove together a storyline.

  • Suggestion from PM was to cut together with full-screened question text, followed by answers. I made the creative decision to weave together the interviews into this more cohesive piece.

  • PM liked what I cut together, but she still felt there needed to be a visual component with words. So I suggested the animated text, which then brought the whole video together to great approval.

  • Edited with Adobe Premiere. Used After Effects to create animations.

Lifesize/logitech - product launch with host

Style: Host reads Marketing Script + B-roll footage of Product UI

Goal:  Make interface look high quality and easy to use.  Information on this product was highly confidential at production time. 

  • Script written by Product Marketing Team.
  • I captured the user interface of the LifeSize Icon video system by connecting the system into the Newtek Tricaster with a blue screen (couldn’t use green because that color is in user interface). Took 3 hours of troubleshooting to get it to work correctly.
  • Composited and edited using Adobe Premiere and After Effects

LifeSize Product Launch, 2013

website landing page

Obzervant website background video

Obzervant requested a high quality website background video of their logo sign in various locations.

  • Hired a videographer for a day and we traveled around Austin finding locations to shoot.  Obzervant requested that nothing be "too Austin specific."
  • Shots included timelapses and aerial drone shots.

Quotingly homepage video Landing Page -  "Watch a 90-Second Overview" appears in the bottom right. Landing Page - "Watch a 90-Second Overview" appears in the bottom right.

The homepage links to a "90 second Overview video" -- I wrote the voice over script for that video, and edited the first couple of drafts before handing it over to Sitegoals' animator. The script follows the desired tone for the marketing content for Quotingly -- Confident. Snarky. Fun