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Documentary-style projects are my favorite.  I love the rawness of the footage, and working through it to create a cohesive story.

I also have a range of experience creating Marketing Videos, Training Videos, and Cinematic Wedding Videos.

How LifeSize is Made - Behind the Scenes at LifeSize Factory (Trailer for Full Documentary), April 2011

"How lifesize is made" - Documentary trailer

Produced for LifeSize Operations department.  I traveled to Malaysia to film interviews and b-roll around factory. This is a preview for the full-length internal documentary on the making of the product.

  • Produced & coordinated entire video, from start to finish.
  • Filmed with a Canon 5D Mark II
  • Edited on Adobe Premiere.
  • Wrote voice over script (for full length) based on what I learned while at the factory and through talks with Operations team.

"SHERPA STEW" - Documentary trailer

Edited the trailer for the documentary "Sherpa Stew", which follows Nepalese Sherpa who climbed Mt Everest but now live in New York City working low wage jobs to try to support their families. Though the Western world elevates Mt. Everest climbers to hero status, most Sherpa live in poverty. Their story is fascinating, moving, and inspiring. For more info on film (which is amazing!) go to

The Life of LifeSize - Short Documentary on Company History, 2009

"The Life of LifeSize"

November 2009. The impending Logitech acquisition was heavy on everyone's minds at LifeSize, so I set out to document the history of the company up to that point, and to portray a hopeful look forward. I was fresh out of film school and filmed this in about a week.

I worked as a team of one, filming & editing. We surprised the entire company and the Logitech CEO with the video, and then the LifeSize CEO asked if we would play it at the company holiday party that year for all the families too.