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intro video (2 versions)

[Intro for Sales Consultant version: When you choose to trust David Weekley Homes with building your dream home, we take that very seriously.  We’ll guide you from design decisions to construction to the finishing touches.  Everything is tracked on your Personal Home Site.

[Intro for Buyer’s Site Intro: Welcome to the David Weekley Homes family! And congratulations!  You’re one step closer to building your dream home!
Your Personal Home Site is your guide to customizing your new home.  Use it on your tablet, or phone to check up on progress from anywhere… at any time, day or night.]

Let’s get started!

The task list slides out when you click on this yellow arrow on the right hand side of the screen.  Check off each task as you complete it, and watch the list get shorter as your move-in date gets closer!

Set up an appointment with your personal design consultant, who will help guide you through your design decisions.  Most importantly, your design consultant ensure that your new home fits your style, your family, and your future.  

Help your design consultant get to know you better by filling out the Lifestyle Questionnaire.   Tell us how you like to live, so your new home can let you live that life to the fullest.

Select your home upgrade options in the Wish List. A great home design is all in the details, and these are YOUR details! Customize everything from cabinetry to appliances to flooring.  

The Inspiration Board lets you unleash your creativity and create your own mood boards with photos of your own furniture. Once you’re done, share your favorites with your design consultant, friends and family.  It’s often easier to just say, “Something like this.”

The Style Finder Quiz will help you determine your preferred design style. Your style is important because it helps us make design suggestions that fit with what you already like!

Confirm your design decisions, and it’s time to start construction! The Home Build Process page has detailed information on each stage, and up-to-date photos straight from the construction site.  You can also come check out your home in person during construction -- just stop by the Sales Office to let us know you’re visiting!

Designing a home is an amazing, life-changing experience. We’ll make sure the entire process feels easy, engaging, and fun!

[Outro for Buyers’ Site video: Now, what are you waiting for? Go build your dream home!]

[Outro for Sales Consultant version: Ready to make your dream home a reality? Reach out to our David Weekley Homes’ Sales Team to start building your beautiful new home!]

Do-it-yourself APP


Every dream home starts with a great floor plan, and the David Weekley Homes’ Design-It-Yourself floor plans makes it easy and fun to customize your own.  

Select an interior zone on the map to see your options for that zone.  Visualize your dream home: Do you want a big kitchen? A large shower? A game room on the 2nd floor?  Add your favorite modules to your floor plan, and watch your dream home begin to take shape.

There’s tons of great room options and combinations -- all optimized by the David Weekley Homes’ team of experts.  We know how to make a home feel larger, brighter, and easier to flow from room to room, between private and shared spaces.  We optimized, now you customize! Play around with different floor plans, even flip your design, until you find your favorite layout!

As you explore the possibilities, remember that these are real David Weekley Homes’ floor plans! Your dream home could become a reality, built with quality, by a trusted brand.

And while designing your floor plan, keep track of the size and estimated cost to build your home.  You are truly seeing the full picture of what’s possible! And don’t forget to choose your home’s exterior style, from a front porch to bay windows!

Once you’re happy with your design, share your dream home plan with friends and family, or download a PDF of your floor plan for yourself. And when you’re ready to make your dream home a reality, send your plan to a David Weekley Homes’ Consultant so we can start building your beautiful new home!

QUICK VIDEO: inspiration board

Building your dream home is a collaborative effort between your design consultant and you.  But sometimes it’s hard to know what you like until you see it.  Unleash your creativity with the David Weekley Homes’ Inspiration Board!  Experiment with different visual ideas. Try out color combinations, different floor and wall patterns, and varying styles of furniture and fixtures.  Use the pre-loaded images, or import photos of your own furniture!  You can drag, resize, and delete images and colors.  “Manage Boards” lets you rename, delete or add new Boards. Create multiple boards to explore different ideas or create one for each room in your new home.  Already have boards on Pinterest or Houzz?  Add them to your board collection! Once you’re done, share your favorites with your design consultant, friends and family.  It’s often easier to just say, “Something like this.”

Quick Video: wish list

A great home design is all in the details, and these are YOUR details!  Explore the upgrade options for your new home on the David Weekley Homes’ Wish List! Select a Room & a Category to see the available options. Take a look around and then Select your favorite! Customize everything from cabinetry to appliances to flooring. And don’t worry -- nothing is final until you confirm with your personal design consultant, so dream big!  When you’re done, the Overview shows a summary of the options you chose.  “Manage Lists” lets you rename, delete or add new Wish Lists.  Create multiple wish lists to explore different design ideas or price levels.  Then click Compare to see your Wish Lists side-by-side.  When you want to send your decisions to your design consultant, hit Save & Submit.  And you’re one giant step closer to living in your dream home!