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cinematic wedding videos

2014: Erica + Eddie at Hyatt Lost Pines. Produced completely by myself. Hired and managed 2 shooters. Edited and color corrected in Adobe Premiere. Hyatt Lost Pines liked the finished video so much, they asked me to create a Hyatt Lost Pines Weddings Promo video for their sales team to send to prospective couples.

2011 – 2015: Wedding Editor for Spinning Leaf Films - Started out editing the quick turn-around Same Day Edits. Then, remotely edited wedding shorts and features. I loved weaving in the audio and trying to create a unique and personal story. I received multiple pay raises.

Erica + Eddie - Producer & Editor

First wedding I completely produced by myself (as opposed to just editing) -- Coordinated with wedding planner at Hyatt & bridal party. Hired and managed 2 shooters (including the talented David Lackey). Edited and color corrected in Adobe Premiere.

Spinning Leaf Films - Video Editor

Edited on Adobe Premiere. The couple had a Beatles cover band at their wedding, so I tried to incorporate Beatles originals & covers whenever possible. I especially love the scene where the bride and groom are lifted up in chairs, which I edited to a Lumineers song.
Edited with Adobe Premiere in August 2012. Incredibly colorful and beautiful Indian / Jewish wedding, with lots of traditions and long speeches. Worked to create 15 minutes of movie magic! Researched a lot to find the right music. Especially love the dancing part at the end!
Same Day Edit -- 2012 Oct 27 Edited on-site with Adobe Premiere CS6 & shown at the wedding reception. Filmed by Spinning Leaf Films in Austin, TX. Car racing, photo booth shots, two-step dancing, a tea ceremony, and beautiful cinematography by Spinning Leaf! ————– Wedding Dance Classes: Austin Uptown Dance Ceremony/Reception: One World Theatre Music: "Always" by Switchfoot