4 Websites for Video Editor Troubleshooting

Technical perseverance is a required skill for video editors.

I’m a video producer and editor.  Some days that requires hours of troubleshooting. And during that painstaking time, I’ve discovered a few highly valuable resources.

Here are the websites that have saved me when I’m stuck on a video editing problem:

1. Google — I’ve painfully learned that “Just Google It” is not as reactionary for everyone as it is for me (though that gets better ever year!). That’s why I wrote an entire blog entry on tips for better Google search results for tech troubleshooting (Tips apply for searching forums too!)

2. CreativeCow — The Creative Cow Forums are a great place to search for answers to video editing woes. You can even help out others by revealing your tried and true solutions to their technical issues.

3. Twitter — This is when having other film people following you can be a HUGE benefit. Tweet your issue, and see what awesome links and advice are @’d to you. Tweeters @EditorLiam @CamtasiaTips and @MindWarpLLC are some of my past saviors!

4. YouTube, Adobe TV, & Lynda — Most people that become filmmakers are very visual learners. Video training can be super helpful, and easy to follow. These resources are especially great when you want to learn to do a visual effect or learn the main tools of a new program. Or if you just want to brush up on your training in your application of choice.

Are there any other websites that you’ve found helpful?

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